Evidence Based Solutions – as the result of Evidence Based Management & Closing the gap between research and practice

Evidence-based management (EBMgt) as a concept  in itself is new and can be defined as follows: Evidence-based management is about making decisions through the conscientious, explicit, and judicious use of four sources of information: practitioner expertise and judgment, evidence from the local context, a critical evaluation of the best available research evidence, and the perspectives of those people who might be affected by the decision.
EBMgt is advancing the commitment to catalyze synergistic cross-disciplinary interactions to promote convergence.

Evidence Based Solutions – convergence & synergy

We in EU-EBS INSTITUTE believe only evidence based solutions through a systematic approach secure a coherent, applicable and socially and economically justified model as well as a solving modality, and as such must become the new paradigm of systematic/complex education/professional development for closing the gap between research and practice.